Favorite Movie Soundtracks


Welcome to Music Monday. I thought I would start by picking a topic that sometimes gets forgotten, at least in terms of a music category. If you’re a film lover then you know how crucial a great soundtrack can be in elevating the mood of a story. Basically, a good soundtrack makes you want to buy the album immediately after you’ve seen the movie because you can’t stop replaying the music in your head. I’ve compiled a list of my top 12 movie soundtracks. (Not easy. I had to leave off some that are very worthy.) Feel free to discuss your own list. Or disagree with mine.

In no particular order…

  1. Good Will Hunting – Perfect!
  2. The Graduate – How can you go wrong with Simon and Garfunkel?
  3. The Big Chill – Classics
  4. The Virgin Suicides – I think Sofia Coppola has awesome taste in music
  5. Pretty In Pink – So 1980’s. Love Modern English
  6. About a Boy – Badly Drawn Boy is perfect
  7. Drugstore Cowboy – One word, “Israelites”
  8. Almost Famous – Cameron Crowe knows his music. “Almost” perfect soundtrack
  9. Rushmore – Very quirky
  10. Harold and Maude – Who better than Cat Stevens for this sweet tale. haha!
  11. Grease – Don’t lie, you liked this soundtrack!
  12. Help and A Hard Day’s Night and all Beatles movies (I count these as one) – Of Course. They can do no wrong. The movies were awful but the music…great.

Three of these films are in my top ten movies. Hmmm…