Pet Peeves and General Annoyances

Whiny Wednesday

There are plenty of things that annoy me and cause me to achieve toxic levels of anger. Actually, that’s a slight exaggeration. ‘Toxic’ is a strong word that I best keep in my word arsenal, lest I need it for future use. Let’s just say that these things make me MIGHTY MAD.

Who are the imbeciles that think they need to take up two spots in the parking lot? I always imagine them to be some sort of red-neck from the Dukes of Hazard. (Not that I ever watched that show in my life…) but it just seems like such a Hillbilly, cowboy thing to do.  Especially if it’s a souped up Mustang or one of those hideous trucks. I hate people who love cars, just in general.

I think this answers my question.

Why do some people give you the stink eye if your packaged food touches theirs on the conveyer belt at the check out? They can’t get to that little divider stick fast enough. Like my packaged food has cooties. And while I’m in the grocery store, what about those customers at the deli counter that grab for a number like it’s the winning lottery ticket? “Calm down! There’s plenty of oven roasted chicken to go around!” And the bearded Nazi women behind the counter that act so impatient? Do I really want them handling my food? “FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, PUT ON THOSE PLASTIC GLOVES!”

What possesses people to enter into a relatively empty movie theater and sit directly in front of or in back of you? Apparently some people have NO PERSONAL BOUNDARIES! And while I’m going over movie theater etiquette, “Stop making all that noise with your wrapper, you crazy lady!” (I’m speaking to, and about my own mother.) She’s the one next to you that’s guessing every twist in the plot, gasping, laughing, screaming, whispering loudly, commenting on everything and just being a general nightmare.  “Mom, we’re not at home!” I think the last movie I took my mother to was Avatar. I was hoping the noise would drown her out. It didn’t.

Didn't they have popcorn in those days?

Does anyone hate the sales people that actually try to persuade you to buy clothing items that they think are “Super cute.” “Umm, I think I know what looks best on me and what my taste is better than you do, since you only just laid eyes on me this second.” And why do they think they can pull the curtain open from my dressing room and walk in when I’m half naked? So annoying. “Back off lady or I won’t hang up any of these clothes!”

So concludes this weeks grievance session.