The road not taken… a brief psychological test

Therapeutic Thursday

There was a strange test I remember taking in high school. Actually, my then boyfriend administered it, so you know it was a valuable and accurate psychological tool. In fact, I think we were sitting on the bleachers. I don’t know where he stumbled upon it but I actually thought it was pretty cool. That means that the results were pleasing to me, basically it flattered me. Why else would I like it?

I’m going to try and duplicate the test as best I can by asking you to read the question, then close your eyes, conjure up the first image that pops into your head. (don’t censor yourself) Then, write it down in BRIEF detail. Tomorrow I will disclose what each image represents. It should be fun and maybe a little revealing but nothing that we can’t all laugh about : ) Please don’t google anything about the test. That’s right, I’m talking to you!

Imagine yourself walking down some sort of path or road. Describe what you see.

You come across a key. what does it look like and what do you do with it?

Next you come across a cup or container of some sort. What does it look like and what do you do with it?

You continue down your path and see a structure up ahead (a building or house, etc.) Describe what you see and do.

You continue on your path and come across a bear. What is your feeling, interaction, etc. with this bear?

You arrive at a body of water. It can be anything; a puddle, stream, river, lake, ocean, etc. what is it and what do you do?

Finally, you come to an obstacle on your path. What is it and what do you do?

DISCLAIMER: This may or may not work, but I’m too lazy to change it. Even if you provide only a few answers, it should still be fun. At the very least, we can make fun of it!________________________________________________________________


1. The PATH represents your life or the course your life is taking. Scenic, Bumpy, hilly, straight, winding, miserable, etc. indicate how you interpret the ease or difficulty in your life.

2. The KEY represents your education. A skeleton key is less practical than a car type key. Keeping it means you find use for your education. If you don’t pick it up or take it with you, obviously you won’t be needing or using it.

3. The CUP symbolizes your family. Do you kick it to the side of the path, take it with you? Is it valuable, cracked, plastic, fine crystal, sturdy, etc.? Do you drink from it? Do you keep it with you? This might indicate that you maintain close ties with your family and you value them.

4. The HOUSE, BUILDING or STRUCTURE represents your mind. Is it a flimsy grass hut, a big expansive building, a warm and cozy house? Do you use your KEY to open the door? Do you linger there? Are you comfortable there?

5. The BEAR is GOD. (Surprise, Pete! lol!) How you feel about the bear indicates your relationship with God. Frightened, calm, friendly, indifferent, angry, etc. Do you stay with him, avoid him, or run from him?

6. The WATER is the symbol for your sex life or SEX in general. Splashing about the puddle, Michael, would indicate a very healthy sex life. Congratulations. As would swimming in the ocean or lake, etc. Anything stagnant, dried up, or avoided is not a particularly good sign! (this can always be remedied!)

7. The OBSTACLE represents all obstacles/problems in your life. What was your obstacle? How did you approach it? Did you panic, master it with ease, contemplate it, turn around and go in another direction, etc? I forgot to ask you what you saw on the other side… this represents how you see your future?