Is Award Season Necessary?

When I was young I use to enjoy watching the award shows, the Academy Awards or ‘the Oscars,’ being the grand daddy of them all. I’d look forward to the red carpet, the interviews, the beautiful clothes, the little bits of pre-show banter, etc. Now I watch it and get completely turned off. They’re all so false. What’s happened to me? When did I become such a cynic?

WARNING: I sound sort of angry but I’m too tired to re-write it. Just go with it.

What other job in the world do people get paid millions of dollars for, only to then be rewarded with an award? Janitors? Nope. School teachers? Nope. Plumbers? Nope.

I think HE deserves an award, don't you?

Isn’t the paycheck enough? Do you really need the world to congratulate you for saying a few lines that somebody else wrote? And it’s not just the Oscars, there are several award shows, each providing the movie industry with another opportunity for a pat on the back. “Good job, living a life that other people only dream of.” “Congratulations on traveling around the world in private jets and eating in the best restaurants and waving to all your fans. Bravo!” “Great work on that interview where you talked about only yourself and gave your opinions on things that you know nothing about.” “Nice work picking out those designer couture clothes with your stylist!” SUPER!!!

…am I the only one who feels this way?

I love hearing actors talk about other actors. And by ‘love’ I mean hate. They use words like, ‘brave’ and ‘genius’. Really? In my opinion, and what do I know? Fire men and emergency workers are brave, not someone who stands in front of a camera and delivers some lines. Genius? The people in the labs working round the clock to come up with a cure for cancer, are genius. Steve Jobs, might have been a genius? Tom Hanks? Not so much.

A real genius. But obviously not a looker.

I realize he's no Judi Dench or Meryl Streep, but he is Einstein.

At best, these individuals are chameleons, lucky enough to have landed a job in a country that rewards narcissism and pays big bucks for being photogenic.

The actors who I admire stay out of the lime light. They don’t do interviews and they wouldn’t be caught dead at an awards show. I can’t think of any right now, but I’ll get back to you…