A Six Word Memoir…


I thought it might be fun and therapeutic to see if we could write a six word memoir. I read about this in ‘O Magazine’ and it seemed intriguing. Apparently Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a six word story and he came up with this brilliant line:

For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

Ernest Hemingway. aka "Papa"

I went on Google and found out there have been books published on the topic of six word memoirs. (Writer and editor, Larry Smith issued the challenge back in 2006 to his Web readers.) So I figured, that on this Therapeutic Thursday, we could reveal a little something about ourselves in the form of a six word memoir. I’ve actually been thinking of mine and it’s not easy. It sort of hurts my brain. It’s difficult to sum up your life’s meaning in six words. I think that’s why I deem it therapeutic.

It’s tempting to see what others have done and copy. There are plenty to read on the internet. If you need to look, go ahead. Just try to be original. And if you care to provide a backstory, go ahead. OR it can just stand on its own.

Here are some samples that I came across:

  • Well, I thought it was funny. – Steven Colbert
  • I have time to fix this
  • The good child, until I wasn’t
  • Old too soon. Smart too late.

I’ll always keep my eternal perspective.  – A Gripping Life