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Were it not for Liam Neeson, The Grey, would have been pretty awful; like thumbs down, giggling in disbelief, awful. But, since he’s such a mighty man, he was able to carry the whole movie on his capable shoulders (picture Atlas) and make it seem okay. If you look up the definition of ‘Man’ in your dictionary you’ll see a picture of Liam Neeson in all his glory, his soulful face staring back at you. Let’s just say that if I had to be stuck in the Alaskan Wilderness with packs of wolves nipping at my heels, he would be my first pick for a lover companion.

"Man is in the forest." - Bambi's Mother

There were two problems with the film. One, the wolves look like giant monsters from a sci-fi fairy tale, glowing eyes and all. Two, and how can I put this gently… the other actors sucked. They were supposed to be an unruly group of oil drilling men, rough necks, if you will.  But, more than anything, they were cliche and just annoying.

See it if you love Liam Neeson and would like to imagine him protecting you from wolves in the harsh elements of the Tundra. Don’t see it if you frequently travel by plane or if you are afraid of computer generated wolves. (C-)


See it if you think you’d enjoy a good old fashion 1920’s-30’s silent movie featuring the cutest dog ever. Don’t see it if you think silence is something other than golden. (A)

I LOVE this dog!