February – worst month of the year


Most of us, as children, enjoyed the winter months. There was hot chocolate, Christmas, ice skating, sledding, snowmen, not to mention the possibility of a snow day to keep our spirits up. But as adults we are made broken and bitter by the harsh reality of winter. Let’s examine how we arrive at this most unpleasant reality.

Because it’s cold and dark we basically live indoors all winter. If your “indoor” area is a spa with a swimming pool, massage table, tanning bed, and personal assistant, then you probably fair better during these months. The rest of us are trapped in the stuffy little boxes we call home. My house turns into Cold Comfort Farm. All of a sudden it feels like I’m living in the 1700’s. Everything is so laborious. Our humidifier is broken so the air that blows from the vents is dry, so dry that my skin gets chapped and becomes like sandpaper. It’s nothing short of disgusting.

Chicago Suburbs 2011

After Christmas and New Years, what was already bad becomes far worse.

February is the worst month of the year. Sorry to all those who have birthdays in this most wretched of months. February is dirty snow month. It’s the ugly time of year when the old dirty snow gets piled on the side of the road, pot holes appear out of no-where and cars are covered in a film of salty grime. It’s beyond depressing. Oh, and it has the highest suicide rate. Cheers!

Valentine’s day was fun when we were kids because it meant that you’d be distracted all day at school with cards and candy and parties. For adults, this day is a shame inducing, painful reminder that we are no longer young. The possibility of romance, flirting and lusty relationships is on the decline, if not over. We secretly celebrate when the day is done. (Actually, my husband buys me beautiful roses every year– I’m just imagining what the rest of you go through…?)

So little and kind....

Anyway, I think we can all agree that Valentine’s Day offers no relief from the winter doldrums. And don’t get me started on Black History Month. I like my Black brothers and sisters as much as the next guy, but what are we really suppose to do with an entire month of Black history? Are we suppose to celebrate or just remember? This year I will remember Good Times, Sanford and Son, Michael Jackson and Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. (I know she’s not dead, I just like to remember her anyway.)  And to celebrate, I guess I can go see Red Tails, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and A Joyful Noise, starring Queen Latifah? That should do it for this February. I’m just glad it’s a short month.

March 20th is the first day of spring in North America, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. God bless those crazy farmers and their beautiful almanac!