Personality Traits


I thought today I would try to start a discussion about undesirable personality types and character traits.

I think it’s universally accepted that certain attitudes and behaviors are             unpleasant, unattractive and repelling.

Here are some behaviors/attitudes that I find intolerable. I will avoid a relationship with these people at all costs.

  • Nosy People – Too many questions, No boundaries
  • *EXTREME Low Self-Esteem– Jealousy, Comparing, Competing, Coveting,
  • Falseness –  People who are fake, those who pretend to be something they’re not
  • Neediness, Dependency, No sense of self, No Boundaries – People who glom onto your life and try to be you. Sick!
  • Attention-Seeking and Narcissistic Behavior – “Look at me!” Fine when you’re a kid, not pretty when you’re an adult, the need for constant admiration
  • Arrogance – People who lack humility
  • Insensitivity– Unkind, Cruel
  • Passive Aggressiveness – People who withhold and use resistance to get their needs met
  • Humorlessness – This can actually scare me.
  • People with no Self Awareness, Know-it-alls, Braggarts. I call them, “First, Most and Best.” These people talk too much and that’s always repelling.

* Not to be confused with the lesser, run of the mill low self-esteem. Self-deprecation is always funny!

What personality traits do you find the most intolerable? Feel Free to add to my list.