A Few of My Favorite Female Vocalists


Welcome to music Monday! Somebody (Mooselicker) recently gave me the idea to write about girl bands as a topic. Actually, he specifically said “Grimy, hot, girl bands.” I thought to myself, no problem, I can come up with a few. But then when I started to think about it, I couldn’t think of any that had all 3 attributes; 1. Grimy 2. Hot and 3. Girl/female. Most that are grimy are not hot and vice versa, at least in my opinion.

Lead female vocalists that are hot might include, Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles, and definitely The Corrs. Maybes might include, Belinda Carlisle from the Go Go’s when she was young, Kim Wilde who sang “Kids in America,” and Stevie Nicks in her younger days? Maybe a young Debbie Harry from Blondie? Is Aimee Mann hot? I don’t know?

The Corrs

 Grimy girls might include Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders, Courtney Love from Hole,  Joan Jett and Patti Smith. Janice Joplin is Queen of the Grime, hands down.

I tried to come up with my top 12 female artists and it was REALLY DIFFICULT. There are so many that I’m leaving off the list, like Aretha Franklin, Carol King, Cass Elliot, Annie Lennox, Patsy Cline, Bobby Gentry, Carly Simon, Cher, Janis Ian, etc.


Kate Bush – always original, an acquired taste

Aimee Mann – what a great voice quality, so soothing and intelligent

Petula Clark – I adore this woman, pop hit maker and pretty on top of it

Joni Mitchell – So interesting, gifted and passionate poet, an original

Stevie Nicks – What a cool resonating voice, I love to sing along with her

Patti Smith – an artist’s heart, a poet, very primitive – love her.

Blondie – Debbie Harry – One of the first female new wavers, catchy and cool

The Go Go’s – Belinda Carlisle – Couldn’t get enough of her in college

The Bangles – Susanna Hoffs – I wanted to be Susanna Hoffs, great voice

Kelly Clarkson – Love her voice and catchy pop songs

Dionne Warwick – Another original, soothing, effortless voice

Diana Ross – so, so many hits, I grew up listening to Diana Ross and the Supremes


Newcomers – Tremendous voices

Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins)

Florence and The Machine (Florence Welch)

So who do you enjoy listening to? Are there any female vocalists that you think are hot? Please feel free to state your opinion and add to the discussion. I want to put out a disclaimer that I may not be totally current but my list, I think, is pretty solid.