Bad Clothes…

Time Travel Tuesday

Let’s face it, we’re all fashion victims of the decade we were born into and those that followed. What separates the well dressed from those who are challenged in their apparel is the ability to recognize a bad fad or trend and resist the urge to “fit in.”

Sometimes we’re left with no choice. When we’re young (the first 10 years) we’re clothed in whatever our mothers provide us with. This can be a very cruel time, luckily, we are protected by our underdeveloped ego and lack of aesthetic. The fact that we are basically asexual provides us with a buffer in case our mothers decide to cross dress us.

Does anyone else have a problem with this? 1960's, Germany.

All I know is that from 1962 to 1972 I was sporting a lot of Danskin (stretchy mix and match ensembles). It was a time of “Mini, Midi, and Maxi.” I was quite fond of wearing mini skirts and dresses with bold patterns. Think, Marcia, from the Brady Bunch. Thankfully my mother leaned slightly more toward psychedelic styles than the hippie look. I was ultimately spared from wearing crocheted vests, macrame, yarn and suede. Other members of my family sadly fell victim to these trappings.

Very sophisticated, timeless, really.

 I should mention there was one more alternative– the ‘clean-cut’ look. This simply meant that you bought all of your clothes from Sears.

1972 to 1982 is a time of fashion whiplash. The disco era ushered in what I consider to be some of the most abhorrent fashion blunders; shiny polyester, big collars, platform shoes, inconceivably ugly patterns, etc. I tried to stay clear of these trends and opted instead for a uniform of bell bottom corduroys or jeans with a turtle neck or simple blouse. (Okay, some of them were shiny with hideous patterns.) These were not figure flattering times. I often wondered why the boys didn’t ask me out in middle school? Looking back, I think  it may have had something to do with my ugly Dorothy Hamil mushroom hair cut?

One of my greatest regrets. People with round faces beware...

Thank heaven the 1980’s brought straight leg jeans back into fashion. Yes, it also brought parachute and harem pants, neon, Flashdance, shoulder pads, big hair, safety pins and punk garb, etc. but at least we were on the road to fashion recovery. It was a time that we could reflect on mistakes of the past and re-group. Thanks to MTV we could experiment a little and try to find our true identity, even if that meant we’d looked like Boy George, ever so briefly.