The Descendants


Hawaiian Beaches + George Clooney = A winner!

This movie made me want to, not just visit Hawaii, but move to Hawaii. More specifically, move into character, Matt King’s house, which happens to be really charming. The Descendants is full of eye candy. And I’m not talking about Mr. Clooney, but if he was candy, he would probably be a Snickers Bar, I’m just saying… No, I’m speaking instead of beautiful Hawaii.


The main story revolves around Honolulu lawyer, Matt King whose wife, Elizabeth, becomes comatose after a boating accident. He is left to pick up the pieces of their fractured family life. Those pieces include two daughters; a foul mouth ten year old named, “Scottie” (weird name) and a beautiful seventeen year old daughter named, “Alex.” Alex explains to her father, in the aftermath of the accident, that Elizabeth had been having an affair. Matt is completely blindsided and he sets out to find his wife’s mystery lover.


Matt King has been put in charge of his family’s considerable trust. The King family owns 25,000 acres of prime real estate on the island of Kaua’i. (He is a descendent of Hawaiian royalty) As it turns out, Elizabeth’s mystery man, is a realtor who is working an angle on getting the King property sold and developed. Both story lines eventually  weave together. However, neither story is as compelling as the scenery. Hawaii is pretty close to my idea of paradise.

Just enough property for me to build my dream house…

The critics loved this film. I thought it was good but not great. It definitely had some weak moments. The story could have been tweaked a bit more.

SEE IT if island hopping, endless blue sky and water, and George Clooney running around in casual island clothes, would turn you on. DON’T SEE IT if watching a ten year old swear like a sailor would grate on you OR if watching someone shrivel and die would disturb you.   B