Just Google it.

It use to be that information, hard cold facts, on topics ranging from A to Z, could only be obtained from books and encyclopedias, etc. Information/knowledge was very precious and obtaining it meant a trip to the local library or, if you had money, a trip around the world.

Only the best homes had a set of encyclopedias.


Let’s say you had to do a school paper on the country of Zimbabwe. This would require going to the library, locating the Encyclopedias, usually Britannica or World Book, finding the volume with the letter Z on the binding and copying paragraphs of information onto index cards. Usually there would be a photo of a typical Zimbabwean, etc. for you to feast your eyes on. Encyclopedias were condensed and therefore easy. (I tried to avoid the card catalog whenever possible.)

If that wasn’t taxing enough, you could run into trouble if another student arrived before you and refused to relinquish the the needed volume. Having another student beat you to the punch meant that when your mom came to pick you up, you wouldn’t be ready. Such an inconvenience!

Think about it… The notion that everything you would ever need or wish to know could be found in one of these books was completely absurd. But that’s all we had…


 Remember the song, “Video Killed the Radio Star?” Well, similarly, Google killed the encyclopedia industry. Okay, a bit of a stretch…

Now, with Google and Ask.Com, etc., obtaining information is ridiculously easy. In fact, there is no topic that can’t be found on the internet with the click of a button. Information that use to be so hard won and precious is now cheap and easy. Nowadays anyone can sound intelligent as long as they have a computer and let their fingers do the walking. Yawn. I care so little, that I usually don’t bother.


I don’t know about you, but I’m so VERY UNIMPRESSED with people who throw bits of information around as if it’s somehow so clever. Who cares! Nothing is unobtainable, nothing. Since we’re all just a click away from a complete understanding of the world, information has become blase. If someone is in the dark it just means they were too lazy to “Google it.” The playing field is completely level.

So what’s left to be impressed with if not facts and trivia? Personally, I’m impressed with thought process, humor, emotions, philosophies, intuition, instincts, experience, the arts, etc. Anything that is raw and real is interesting, facts and info, not so much.

Thoughts, Feelings…?