Receipts, Pillows, Magazines….

W H I N Y   W E D N E S D A Y

I only have three random complaints for today’s post. Maybe you’ll be able to relate?


I take that back. Considering what these “complaints” are, I sound like a spoiled brat, ungrateful and whiny. It’s all relative, though. If I lived in a third world country I would be complaining about lack of water and medicine. I’m aware of that. But today I live in the NorthWest Chicago suburbs – and this is my life. This is what I moan and groan about. Okay, I feel better.

RECEIPTS– When I go to the drive-thru for a Diet Pepsi, usually Taco Bell, they always give me the receipt. I know you’re all thinking, “Well, Lisa, they’re supposed to do that.” I don’t care, I don’t want that extra little scrap of paper that I can barely read, handed back to me with my change. It’s annoying. I don’t even want the straw wrapper, really. I think it’s because it’s so small and insignificant that it bothers me. If it was a big sheet of paper I wouldn’t mind so much. So I end up crumpling the paper and throwing it on the floor of my car or in my purse, to be cleaned at a later time.

“Here’s your drink and garbage, enjoy!”

PILLOWS– Since when did decorative pillows become such an overwhelming feature of couches and beds? It’s gotten to the point that you can’t even see the furniture beneath the pillows. And when you go to get in bed, you have to plan for a 5 minute deconstruction of the pillow scape. You can’t just throw the pillows, even though they’re called “Throw pillows.” You have to put them gently away in stacks, so as not to dirty them. A couple throw pillows, fine. Pillows that go 3/4’s of the way down the bed, idiotic and inconvenient.

Why so many pillows? I only have one head!

MAGAZINES – When I go to peruse the magazines at Barnes and Noble or at the grocery store check-out, I’m always bothered by the little slips of subscription paper that fall out, those stupid inserts. Why do some magazines feel it necessary to put those offers in every 4th page. Don’t they know they just spill out everywhere? One or two would be sufficient. Sure, I realize I shouldn’t be standing there reading for free, but still… I feel like they put those in there on purpose to punish me for sneaking a read. Do I bend down and pick them up? Yes, usually. But I never put them back in the magazine. I just slide them behind the other periodicals. I know, so silly and passive aggressive.

In conclusion, less is usually more. Where as in a third world country, more is really never enough.