The Vow and Safe House

F I L M   R E V E I W   F R I D A Y

The Vow

Paige with Leo in one of her many bad wigs.

This is a story that feels like it should’ve been made for TV. It’s very cheesy, to say the least, even by chick-flick standards. The ‘Amnesia’ story line has been done so many times before but with greater results. Rachel McAdams is always enjoyable but not enough to save this dog. And don’t even get me started on Channing Tatum. He’s attractive in a subliminal way – like that second when you bat your eyelids. After that, he looks dopey, and by “dopey” I mean, I half expect him to start drooling. He barely opens his mouth to speak. The Vow is predictable, hardly worth the $5.00 matinee price I paid for it.  grade D –

SEE IT if you would enjoy seeing the sights of downtown Chicago and beautiful Lake Forest. DON’T SEE IT if trying to read Channing Tatum’s lips in an effort to make out what he’s saying would tire you OR if seeing Jessica Lange appear in this pile of poo would make you sad for her.


A solid film. Go see it!

I LOVED this movie, starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. I know, what’s not to love? Denzel Washington plays Tobin Frost, an ex CIA agent turned rogue international criminal. Ryan Reynolds is Matt Weston, a low level agent stuck in Cape Town, South Africa. There, he’s the “House Keeper” – the person who stands guard at the CIA’s Safe House, waiting for “house guests,” more commonly known as international criminals, etc. (Yes, I learned a lot of new jargon in this movie – already worth the price of admission!)  Tobin Frost and Matt Weston form a strange alliance as the story unfolds. This film will remind you of the Bourne Identity series. It’s fast and feels very real.               grade A

SEE IT if you enjoy great acting, a smart story and if you think Ryan Reynolds is a hunk of burning love. (I would say the same for Denzel but since he’s sporting an unruly hair style through 3/4’s of it, I can’t include him.) DON’T SEE IT if fast paced, action thrillers make you sick, OR if the beautiful Cape Town scenery would tempt you too much to pack your bags and move to South Africa.