Worst character names ever…

W E E K E N D   P O T P O U R R I 

I thought for today’s post I’d go ahead and list some of the all time worst movie character names. I got the idea from Mooselicker, who commented on the name “Tobin Frost.” I’d have to concur, this name is a hoot.

“Please to meet you, my name is Tobin Frost”

I don’t have a problem with a name that’s supposed to be funny, like many James Bond names, etc. It’s the ones that are trying to be serious that make me really laugh.

Occasionally writer’s come up with names that no one in their right mind would give to a child. I’m not talking about the unusual names that actors give their off-spring, like; Apple Martin, Suri Cruise, Blue Ivy Carter, etc. Those names are given as career back-ups. If their children prove talentless, and let’s face it, most of them do, their mini-me will hopefully have a recognizable name to start a clothing label with.

Apple Martin – thinking about her clothing label already.

Even if you’re not a movie goer, surely you can recognize a bad name when you see one? Maybe this list will give you a good chuckle.

1. Jesse Lujack – Richard Gere in “Breathless”

2. Palmer Joss – Matthew McConaughey in “Contact”

3. Beatrix Kiddo – Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill”

4. Cole Trickle – Tom Cruise in “Days of Thunder” (One of the worst!!! haha!)

5. Evelyn Salt – Angelina Jolie in “Salt”

6. Zack Mayo – Richard Gere in “An Officer and a Gentleman”

7. Tobin Frost – Denzel Washington in “Safe House”

8. James “Clubber Lang – Mr. T in “Rocky III”

9. Gordon Gekko – Michael Douglas in “Wallstreet”

10. Knox Overstreet – Josh Charles in “Dead Poets Society”

Feel free to add to the list. I’m sure I missed some.

I’d like you to meet, Jesse Lujack.
Palmer Joss “He’s got the ear of the President.” An actual line from the movie.