F I L M   R E V I E W   F R I D A Y 


I’m not sure how probable it is that these two would stop for sleep, after a long road trip, at a no name hotel in the back woods, in the deep south. George, played by Paul Rudd, and Linda, played by Jennifer Aniston, opt, instead, to follow their GPS directions to “Elysium,” believing it to be a reputable Bed and Breakfast. As it turns out, it’s a hippie commune or an “intentional community” as their leader, Seth, calls it.

The story is basically this: Couple fails with jobs in big city (NYC), moves into a temporary living arrangement with husband’s obnoxious brother in Atlanta, when that becomes intolerable, couple returns to the hippie commune they had accidentally discovered on their drive down.

Jennifer Aniston plays the same character she almost always plays — the nice girl. Her character, Linda, is slightly naive, gets swept up in all the peace, love and understanding, and ends up, “drinking the Kool-aid,” much to her husband’s chagrin. Paul Rudd’s character, George, has funny moments as he keeps one foot planted firmly in reality but allows himself the occasional commune indulgence. (I don’t know any one who doesn’t like Paul Rudd – he’s the guy you’d love to have for a neighbor.)

The orange peel on a stick joke falls flat, no surprise there.

The cast of hippie characters never delivers the big laughs, that you might expect. No one is especially funny. No one stands out, other than the one guy who walks around naked throughout the movie. Yes, you see his manly bits, his “meat and veg,” for my English friends. But as most of us know, nudity does not = humor.

All in all, the move is a slight disappointment. (Not that I anticipated great things, by any means…) I feel that with better writers it could have been amped up and made much funnier.   Grade  C –

Linda’s expression throughout the film – the simpering half smile

SEE IT if you think commune jokes are funny and if you always wanted to experience hippie life. DON’T SEE IT if overweight, middle aged nudity makes you wanna hurl.