Another well deserved award…

Dear readers, all 15 of you,

I’m so pleased to announce that I have been given the great honor of being presented with the prestigious, Glitter E. Yaynus Award. Please try to contain your jealousy. I know you all secretly covet this particular award for its beauty and meaning. And because I know these are your feelings, I will alter the requirements so as not to prolong your agony.

I’d like to thank the queen of comedy, Linda Vernon, for this incredible honor. She is an inspiration and thus, makes me want to be a better blogger. Thanks Linda!

Now all my dreams have come true!

Name Five things that make others want to kill you.

  • I wake up, quite naturally, between 5:30 and 6:00. Turning on the TV, lights and running a vacuum at this hour may have caused those in my company to plot my murder. (I’ve heard whispers, something about exchanging my artificial sweetners with arsenic?)
  • When I get a, “Notion” I can’t let go of it. My OCD is like a tidal wave. Either run and hide or get behind me. Examples would include, cleaning the attic,  cleaning the basement, cleaning the car, etc. If you enjoy lazing on a Sunday afternoon, you will likely want me dead and buried. Maybe just buried, getting me dead first might take too long?
  • My brain has a 2 minute time delay. Responses to your questions, comments and instructions will be processed slowly and delivered when they are no longer relevant to the conversation at hand.
  • My inability, or I should say, unwillingness, to see the glass as ever being half empty  causes those in my circle to want to empty my glass, break it and feed me the shards for lunch.
  • My sense that, “I’m the only one who can do the job the right way,” has mostly caused me to want to kill myself. Okay, so I have a slight control issue… This might explain why Lily in Canada has never booked an airline ticket or done her taxes. (It goes without saying, no one can plug my daughter’s blog like I can.)
    No one is safe from my OCD, not even this small Asian child.

Name Five things you would take to Uranus.

(This is Linda Vernon’s watered down version. It’s much more in keeping with my standards. But please know, I don’t judge those who would put things in their bottom.)

  • Sleeping pills, and or, enough morphine to kill a horse
  • my pajamas – naturally
  • my down comforter and pillow
  • my ipod – without my music I would surely die.
  • and finally, my iPad so that I could stay in touch with my large following of readers. (Do you think my network provides service on Uranus?)

Run across the freeway blindfolded.

  • Check. Scary, but I did it. I managed to get grazed ever so slightly on my derriere which only catapulted me to the other side more quickly. A big thanks to that unknown driver!

Pick a Prom Court.

If your name is on my blogroll you have the option of accepting this award. It’s yours if you want it. I know, it’s such a generous offer. But you’re all worthy in my eyes.