Thin Ice – A Film Review

F I L M   R E V I E W   F R I D A Y

If you’re a movie goer like me, it’s pretty dismal out there right now. The following is an offering that’s a notch above the rest – which isn’t saying much.


Once you know that Thin Ice is a scam movie, it’s pretty easy to figure out the con. This is a low budget film starring Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin, Billy Crudup and Lea Thompson. That’s right, I said Lea Thompson. She was popular in the 80’s for a split second (Back to the Future) and then faded away. The fact that she’s in this, illustrates just how low budget it is. The trailer makes it look like this is a Fargo sort of story, which it is, if by “like Fargo” you mean they both take place in a cold climate? Greg Kinnear basically carries the whole movie on his shoulders. He’s a consistently good actor, I’ll give him that. He’s talented enough to have us believe that he’s the struggling, mid-western insurance salesman, Mickey Prohaska. (I can report that both the character and actor seem to be losing a bit of their charm and good looks, though.)  Billy Crudup is also very good but may not be crazy enough to frighten the audience. The story keeps your attention even though it’s a bit transparent. This film deserved to have a bigger budget. It might have made it feel more substantial and less flimsy.

SEE IT if you’d feel smart after unravelling a pretty obvious scam, OR if you can’t get enough of the cold and snow this winter and would enjoy a trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin. DON’T SEE IT if watching Lea Thompson will make you feel old OR if you’ve been shopping around for some home insurance.           Grade B-