If not now, Wen?

W E E K E N D   P O T P O U R R I


 Every weekend the networks like to fill the unscheduled dead time slots with infomercials. Infomercials are part commercial, in that they advertise something, and part information, in that they provide us with a valuable learning experience. Such is the case with Wen, By Chaz Dean.

As you can see, Chaz is a beautiful man.

He is a celebrity hairstylist, not to be confused with your run of the mill stylist. Chaz Dean knows how to touch and handle celebrity hair because HE UNDERSTANDS IT. That’s why he’s come up with a product line and is sharing it with the world. He calls his line, “WEN” because it’s “New” backwards. If you guessed that Chaz is a genius, you’re right. He’s also, “Inspirational, trailblazing and passionate,” according to his website.

So dedicated is he to his philosophy, (that bad things can hurt your hair) that his product line, Wen, has eliminated harsh shampoo and instead sells only a “cleansing conditioner” —  it both cleanses and conditions. Remarkably, Chaz has not used shampoo since 1993.

To me, Chaz is not really human, not man or woman, he’s a celebrity hair angel. Yeah, that’s what he is.

http://chazdean.com/t-about.aspxChaz Dean - "Trailblazer"

Chaz dean – “Trailblazer”