Whiny Wednesday…

W H I N Y   W E D N E S D A Y 

Welcome to whiny wednesday, the day of the week when moaning and groaning is allowed. I’ve had a few irritating moments this week that I’d like to share with all of you.


"No, there's nothing by that name..."

Have any of you dialed 411 and asked for the phone # of an establishment you’ve frequented many times, only to have the operator say, “I’m sorry, we’re not finding anything under that name or address.” ME: “Really, because I was just there and I KNOW it exists. I go there all the time.” OPERATOR: “No, no there’s nothing under that name.” ME: “Hmm, do you have a supervisor or someone I could speak to who might be a little more of a problem solver?”  

Okay, so that last line is usually something I say internally. This has happened to me more than once and it makes me feel mental, a little tripped out, like I’m ready for the rubber room. How is it that they can’t find the name or phone # of the business that I was just in? And FYI, those stupid calls cost $1.89!!! I thought they were like 25 cents!

What about that automated voice that asks for the city and state and if you take a breath it says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.” “Well, robot woman, that’s because I didn’t say anything, I was just breathing, something you don’t do apparently.”


Please tell me that I’m not the only one who, while randomly looking for blog images on Google, scrolls down and finds random pictures of people doing x-rated things. This is SO DISTURBING to me. First of all, what kind of people post pictures of themselves on Google doing nasty things. Is it really so thrilling and important to be seen naked by strangers? What if a child is doing a school project and innocently scrolls down and finds those images? Seriously? Isn’t that incredibly violating and traumatizing? More importantly, what if my computer guy comes over here to work on my computer and thinks I’ve been looking for pornography? (Okay, that’s not MORE important, but the thought did occur to me.) Now when I go looking for my images, I have to squint and scroll quickly, lest I stumble onto an unsavory photo or two. YUCK!


This will be me in a few years but I'll have the good sense to get off the road.

Please don’t tisk tisk me. I hate it when I’m stuck behind a car that’s going under the speed limit. There’re times when slow driving is appropriate and acceptable, like when the road is a sheet of black ice, or when it’s a blinding snow storm or raining cats and dogs, I mean literally blinding and literally cats and dogs. Go ahead and drive like a grandpa when you’re on a double lane road and NORMAL DRIVERS can pass you by, but for Pete’s sake, don’t drive like Mr. Magoo when you’re on a single lane and you’ve got 20 cars behind you. And don’t think you’re protected from my wrath just because you’re a student driver. (It’s not just a problem that the elderly have, it cuts across all generations.)

And as a sidebar, I’d like everyone to take notice that 99% of bad drivers will be wearing a cap or some sort of head gear. I’ve made a study of it over the past 20 years. Don’t believe me? Next time take a look and you’ll see that I’m right.