Obligations and Responsibilities…

W E E K E N D   P O T P O U R R I  

I feel compelled today to write about my self inflicted sense of obligation. I often feel an irrational responsibility toward others. It’s a burden being so kind and wonderful. Perhaps I’m too much of a softy? Here’re some examples that you might be able to relate to.


Just a little off the shoulders please.

At one time I had established a very friendly rapport with my hair stylist, she even gave me her cell phone number. But then I started to notice that every time I had an appointment she would dump all of her issues on me. I knew every thing about her dysfunctional family and work environment. I was leaving each time feeling extra heavy and burdened, not exactly my idea of getting pampered. I wanted to stop seeing her but wasn’t sure how to break away? I decided to make fewer appointments and when I finally stopped going to her altogether, she phoned me at home to ask why I hadn’t been in? I told her I was traveling a lot and getting my hair done during these times. Awkward : /

This scenario, breaking away from certain long standing businesses, is very difficult. It can happen with Dentists and Doctors, Nail Technicians, chiropractors, lawn care people, babysitters, etc. I hate having to deal with these issues.


Here we go again!

I need boxes of cookies like a hole in the head. I’m still trying to shed the weight I gained from the last shipment. And yet when my friend’s children ask me to buy cookies I feel it’s my duty to stock up on Thin Mints and Tagalongs. I was also told, after I placed my order, that I could also buy cookies for the soldiers. Oh-k a y… guess I’ll buy some cookies for our troops, too. Actually, that was sort of fun. I like to picture them eating Samoas, Do-si-dos, and shortbread on the battle field.

I’m all for being charitable. But I want to give my money to MY CHARITIES, not necessarily someone else’s. Well, there’s only so much money set aside for these things, right? If I won the lottery it would be different. One year I had three different people ask me to support the lung foundation. I think friends asking friends for money is sort of uncomfortable. I’d rather ask total strangers for money. haha! And while I’m on the subject of charity — there’s something I don’t understand, why do people spend so much money throwing elaborate parties only to ask guests to write checks for their cause? Wouldn’t the money that gets spent on the event be put to better use just giving it directly to the charity? This always bothers me. People go out and spend big bucks on dresses/attire to attend these charities events… what’s wrong with this picture?


Okay, this kills me every time. Whenever I see someone has opened up a business and it just sits there, empty and waiting, I get so sad. I feel it’s my responsibility to go in and make purchases, and keep them hopeful and happy.

Yes, if you were wondering, I own this exact outfit.

There was a Norwegian store that opened in our village several years ago. I’m sure the owners, who were somewhat older, were so excited at the thought of finally having the business they dreamed of. Unfortunately my town didn’t really seem to have a big need for Norwegian goods. This did not stop my family from making weekly purchases, everything from clogs to Norwegian recipe books, to posters of Fjords. We have a strong Norwegian heritage in our family so why not honor our ancestors? That’s right, we kept ’em in business, at least for a good month or two. My family kept their dreams alive, we carried that business on our backs like we were hiking in the Alps. (Oh wait, that’s Switzerland! You know what I mean…)

So, what’s the moral here? Stay away from people and don’t set a precedent? Give yourself a pep talk and try to approach life in a more rational way? Learn to be a more callous person? OR maybe I just need to stop projecting my ridiculous feelings onto other people — people who probably don’t care one way or the other? : )