Whiny Time Travel…

T H U E R I N G E R    T H U R S D A Y

Thuringian sausage is a unique sausage from the German state of Thuringia. It’s been produced for hundreds of years. Only the finest minced pork, beef and sometimes veal is used in it’s production.

Thueringer Sausage

You might ask why I have decided to call today, Thueringer Thursday? Obviously, the alliteration is wonderful, but the metaphor is even more perfect. The idea of combining minced meat to achieve a tasty product compares, in my eyes, to combining Time Travel Tuesday with Whiny Wednesday in order to achieve a satisfying Thursday post. You may or may not remember that I’m slightly OCD, and because I missed both of these days, due to the Karaoke contest, I feel the need to complete those tasks.

Whiny Time Travel

How many of you remember what air travel was like back in the 50’s and 60’s? (I don’t really remember the 1950’s since I was born in ’62. I just thought I’d throw that in there so that some of you wouldn’t feel left out.) Well, I do! It was so much more civilized. My mother would actually dress my sisters and I up to fly. We always had coordinating dresses, frilly socks and patent leather shoes. We flew ‘Yellow Bird’ from New York’s, LaGuardia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida each year for Easter vacation. 

I don’t remember there being security back then? Family and friends could walk you to your gate, heck, they might’ve been able to walk you onto the plane? Like I said it was civilized. Let’s not forget, this was the decade of LOVE and PEACE.

Once you boarded the plane you would receive your official pilot’s wings, a gold pin to wear through the duration of the flight. I remember hoping that they wouldn’t call on me to fly the plane if something unforeseen happened to the pilot. Just because I was a junior pilot didn’t mean I could land that thing! You could say I was an anxious child.

I always asked for the window seat because I loved to stare out into the clouds. It was such an adventure! The pull down tray was fantastic, so modern! The food was delicious and very satisfying, at least in my youthful estimation. We were given real glasses to drink from and real silverware – no, I’m not talking about first class, this was COACH! 

I also made sure, during the 2 hour flight, to visit the restroom. Sometimes I would just hang out in there flushing the blue water down the toilet and stealing the BARS OF SOAP!! That’s right, there was a soap dispenser with little wrapped bars of soap! (none of this liquid soap stuff that they have today.)

When we arrived we would ‘disembark’ (the official airplane vocab always makes me gag) right onto the ‘tarmac.’ It was very Hollywood, really. I always felt like a superstar or an astronaut. I would instinctively wave even though I knew my grandmother, ‘Nanny,’ was inside. Waving just felt like the right thing to do.


Traveling on a plane is not unlike traveling on a greyhound bus. People wear sweatpants   and or whatever they consider to be the most comfortable traveling clothes. Getting through security is beastly – like cattle going to slaughter. There’s no personal attention,  now you’re encouraged to use a kiosk. (I for one refuse! Mostly because I don’t know how to use one, but still…) You get charged for baggage! What a rip off! You’re lucky if you get a bag of chips or peanuts during the flight and I’m pretty sure you have to pay for them.

Okay, so they might have a movie or skymall magazine to peruse, but those two things can’t make up for the expense, endless delays, and sub-par customer service. And by sub-par, I mean abusive personnel who treat you like an escaped convict.

Yes, Bob Dylan was prophetic when he sang, “The times they are a changin…”