Film Review Friday… 3/16/2012

F I L M   R E V I E W   F R I D A Y 

I’m going to make these short and sweet. If only they had been short and sweet in their content… Oh well, here goes.


Madonna decided to co-write and direct a movie based on the story of American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, and King Edward the VIII, who abdicates from the British throne in 1936. This is a story to sink your teeth into. But apparently, that story wasn’t enough for the Material Girl. No, she had to give equal weight and time to a boring and tedious second story that has no comprehensible place in the film.

The modern story of Manhattanite, Wally Winthrop, is almost silly. Wally, named after Wallis Simpson, is obsessed with her namesake and spends all her time at a Sotheby’s auction which is conveniently exhibiting things from Wallis Simpson’s life. Wally is convinced that Wallis Simpson and King Edward shared the greatest love imaginable until she slowly discovers the truth about their sad lives.

Madonna, being, well, Madonna, couldn’t leave well enough alone. She had a great story, good actors, and a great cinematographer but ruined the whole thing by adding this other story which was completely unnecessary, not to mention absurd, and watered down the whole thing. Grade F   (I walked out after an hour and a half.)

Friends with Kids

Despite what the critics report, I found this to be a very mediocre film with nothing new to say. In fact if you can read the title, you’ve basically just seen the film. Boring, formula, predictable. Apparently Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm’s real life girlfriend, has cast herself as the romantic lead. Problem is, she’s not leading lady material, far from it. I actually found her face to be very strange and distracting. Yipes! She wrote and directed this UNFUNNY “romantic-comedy” all by herself. I was hoping that Kristin Wiig, of “Bridesmaids” fame, would have a decent part, but no, it’s a film that under utilizes the other talent. The best of the bunch was Adam Scott. I liked him very much in this. Playing opposite Jennifer Westfeldt couldn’t have been easy. Hats off to him for keeping a straight face and staying in character.  Grade D

*Save your time and money and watch TV instead. The worst of TV is probably better than either of these films.