Childhood Memories…

T I M E    T R A V E L   T U E S D A Y

I missed writing on Tuesday so I thought I might play catch up with a couple of great childhood memories. Do you remember….

Nap Time At School

I was just remembering how the teacher would turn off the lights and we would rest for  a half hour or so. I have a memory of all the children resting on little cots, but the memory is foggy. I must have been very little? Were we given milk and cookies, or am I just making this up? It seems there were times, in elementary school, that we were encouraged to put our heads down on a desk or find a cozy corner to relax in. Maybe when we were a little older still, we would use that time for quietly reading. I just remember that the lights would be turned off and it was peaceful.

In reality the teacher probably needed some time to re-charge her own batteries or prepare for the next lesson, etc.

Arriving Home After School

I remember walking through the door with my big stack of books and feeling the weight of the world slowly fall to the ground with everything else. First things first, I’d get changed out of my “school clothes” and into something comfortable. Ahh…. what a great feeling. (Some of you might remember the awful sensation of having your socks fall down beneath your arches, or having the elastic in your tights get twisted. Let’s face it, kids have lots of wardrobe malfunctions when they’re young.) And wasn’t it nice to shed those layers when you got home?

Next I would probably go to the kitchen, grab a box of cereal and take it to the family room to watch some, “Gilligan’s Island” or “I dream of Jeanie,” re-runs. I think this was when my brain would get re-set. I definitely needed something mindless to escape into, something that would provide relief from my academic and social stresses but that would also be familiar and comforting. Shows like “Lost In Space” were the perfect remedy.

I didn’t really have to discuss my day until dinner time and then it was just the highlights, and by highlights, I mean, the things that made me sound smart or cool to the rest of my family.

Does anyone else remember their after school ritual?