New Weather Patterns, Same Old Complainers

W H I N Y   W E D N E S D A Y   O N    T H U R S D A Y

Typical Daily weather pattern for Chicago

The weather, in my neck of the woods, has been very strange lately, at least for these parts. (That sort of makes me sound like I’m 80 years old and living in the sticks.) That’s precisely how I feel when I talk about the weather, a conversation I seem to engage in daily, as of late. Does that mean I’m officially old? OR, does it point to the fact that the weather has been completely bizarre?

Lake Michigan this past week.

I live in the Chicago suburbs. Normally we can expect a brutal winter, tons of snow, freezing temperatures, etc. Not this year, it was surprisingly mild. There might’ve been a day in December that I even had my window(s) open. Weird. Normally, for March, we’d still be in the 40’s, maybe 50’s but for the past week it’s been in the 80’s with endless blue skies. Everything is in full bloom and people are walking around in shorts and flip flops. Rapture!

So where am I going with this, what’s there to whine about? Well, I find the people who insist the bad weather is coming and that this is just a fluke, annoying, REALLY ANNOYING. Can’t they just let me enjoy this fantasy weather while it lasts? Can’t we all just pretend that we’re living in Florida or that we’re on vacation? What would the harm be? And who’s to say there is bad weather coming? It’s not like they have Doppler Radar in their basement. They don’t have a Crystal Ball, probably not even an 8 Ball. Well, I do have a Magic 8 Ball, and the last time I checked to see if the weather would hold it said, “It is decidedly so.”

Seems there’s always someone to jerk you back into reality and remind you of the potential downside, the dangers that lurk or the consequences, etc. It’s like they can’t be happy and carefree, not even for a minute. By the way, these “people” that annoy me are usually the ones that butt into my conversation in the check out line, and some of the “people” I hear talk at Curves (Yes, the demographic there is primarily old nervous women – but still.) The other day my waitress felt the need to launch into the, “Feels like something bad is coming, we’re gonna pay for all this nice weather,” speech. Really?

So to all the sour and negative people in the world who insist on ruining everyone else’s day, I say, go suck on a lemon. Talk to the hand. Zip it. Zip. Zi. Zuhh. Zutt.