Snap, Crackle, Pop

M U S I C   M O N D A Y 

One of the things I miss most from my past are my record albums. Yup, I miss the VINYL RECORDS, the ones that would scratch easily and snap and crackle when you played them. There was something so much more substantial about the sound and quality of those albums. That rich sound really resonated through to your music loving core. But it was so much more than that…

There was something about taking that big, shiny, black vinyl out of the sleeve, carefully holding it without touching the threads, sometimes blowing on it to remove dust, etc. I even had a special cleaner that I would carefully run along the album while it was spinning. And even with all that care and attention you would still get the occasional pop or scratch but it only seemed to add to the whole rich experience. Lining that needle up to the song that you really wanted to hear again, required timing and a steady hand. 

The album covers themselves, were a treat. It was like purchasing a piece of art. I’d read and memorize every word and stare at the pictures while the music played. That big square of card board had so much going on. Most albums came with some, if not all of the lyrics. For example, Elton John’s, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” was a real bonanza, a double album with lyrics and illustrations for each song. That purchase was worth every penny. You don’t find lyrics in the jewel cases when you purchase compact discs, today. But that’s  how we rolled back then. Music was a serious business and Rolling Stone was a serious magazine for our generation. I even took a class in high school called, “Rock Lyrics as Poetry.”

I don’t think you get the same experience today. “Artists” seem more interested in writing a hit than they do in creating a compilation of songs to last a lifetime. The quality of sound is inferior, in my opinion, and everything just feels so immediate and disposable. Yes, everything is convenient and easy now, much easier. But the magic is missing, the deep connection that we had with our music is gone. 

There’re lots of new cereals on the shelf at the grocery store, lots of gimmicks and new trends to follow, but there are some that I always go back to, some that never let me down or disappoint, those are my favorites. Something about that snap-crackle-pop gets me every time.