Thirsting for Knowledge Thursday…

T  H  U  R  S  D  A  Y 

 There are some questions my Magic Eight Ball can’t answer. I know, shocking. I thought I’d pose those questions today, the random ones whirling around in my head that I have no answers for. Perhaps my oh-so-clever readers have the answers?

1. Why does the sunshine, which feels so good and warm on my face and body, have to cause skin damage? Why can’t I just sit outside in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful day without worrying about wrinkles and sunscreen? With no disrespect to God, couldn’t He have cut us some slack and just said, “Oh what the heck, let them bake in the sun without any consequence.” 

2. A long those same lines, why can’t all food fall under the umbrella of “nourishment?” Wouldn’t it be great if a stalk of Broccoli was just as nutritious and caloric as a Twinkie? Imagine what that would do to the whole diet industry? People would eat what they craved and because there wouldn’t be any “good foods” or “bad foods” no one would obsess or feel deprived. We’d eat a variety of foods until we were comfortable. Like sunshine, food falls under the heading of ‘one of life’s simple pleasures.’ A warm slice of apple pie with a little ice cream on the side — c’mon, what’s so bad about that?

3. Why do the topics of Politics and Religion get people so riled up? Seriously, there were some tense moments this morning under my own roof, with my own family. Sure, they like to antagonize me and play Devil’s advocate but why can’t I just stay calm and cool and say clever things? Why do I behave as if my very soul was hanging in the balance with each statement I made? As Rodney King said, “Why can’t we all just get along?” 

4. And finally,  why can’t SCIENTISTS agree on Global Warming? I was watching the news the other day, and they had on a world renowned scientist and he was adamant that there was no man made global warming. He was very convincing. He actually said that extra Co2 would benefit the earth, except he said it in a more sciency way. (Not that I’m up on my Co2 facts, or anything…) I thought science was suppose to be so black and white, so solid. Why all the arguments? What gives?

Wait a minute, I just realized I could ask my Magic Eight Ball if Global Warming was real!  And the answer…. drum roll….. “REPLY HAZY, ASK AGAIN LATER.”