A Permanent Vacation…


This Friday I’ll be traveling from Chicago to Victoria, British Columbia, to visit my daughter and son in-law. I missed posting on Music Monday and Time Travel Tuesday because I’m in, “getting things ready for the trip” mode.

I’m always envious of people who can just throw a few items in a bag, lock the front door and leave for their destination — almost like child, right? Lately I’ve been asking myself, “How on earth did I let things get so complicated?” Of course there’s no real answer. Sometimes I hear the old tagline from “Days of Our Lives” playing in my head — “Like sands through the hourglass… so are the days of our lives.” I know, depressing. Sigh…..

Like sands through the hourglass, so are all the things I need to do to get ready for my trip.

I think the reason we feel so great on vacation, or any trip away from home, is because we’re free of responsibilities; bills in the mail, unwanted phone calls, etc. There’re no reminders of our stressful lives. We’ve packed light, our choices are few. We’re unencumbered. We’ve shed the weight of our substantial lives and replaced it with a comfortable tee-shirt and jeans. Our concerns are reduced down to, “What do you want to do today?”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d like to start living my life more in vacation mode. I can hear all of you, now. “Really Lisa? Who wouldn’t? Duh. Welcome to everyone in the world’s fantasy!” Okay, well I realize it’s a fantasy, so let me fine tune it a bit. (Remember, I’m entering my “Chapter Two” years. For those of you who are young and just starting your lives, keep this in mind — in another 30 years you’ll likely be here, too.)

How to Cross Over Into a Permanent Vacation Mode.

  • De-clutter. As I’ve gotten older my priorities have changed. I no longer need to be surround by “stuff.” I want a stream-lined existence, just the bare essentials. (Not sterile, just simple.)
  • I want efficiency and practicality in a home. I’d like to move into a situation where I could lock the door and leave without worrying about, freezing pipes, air filters, filling the water softener with salt, adjusting the thermostat, plumbing issues, fallen trees/limbs, power outages, snow plows, etc. If you know where this place exists, please tell me.
  • I’d like to lose a few pounds (okay, maybe more than “a few,” but who’s counting?) I’d like to feel free and confident when choosing something to wear. I want to throw on any old thing and look good without any fuss. *This is very much a part of MY vacation mode.
  • I want sunshine and I want an ocean. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
  • I want my energy to go into things I really care about and stop spending time being “there” for everyone else. I’m a burnt out therapist. I’ve let myself get depleted. A re-structuring of my priorities is needed – big time.
How do you feel when you’re away from home or on vacation? Peaceful, happy, free? ย What changes could you make in your life that might put you into more of a vacation mode? Something to think about….
*I just re-read this and I think it makes me sound like I’m ready for a retirement village! haha!ย Good Times!!!
ย Good Times!!!!