A Post about Blogging…

I thought maybe I’d squeeze one more post in before my trip and share a few of my feelings and thoughts with regard to this thing we call blogging.

  • Since I’ve started blogging I’ve discovered some truly talented people — people who have a gift for writing. And let me tell ya folks, it’s a gift. To be witty, profound, philosophical, to move people with your words, and to have an endless well of creativity to draw from, all wrapped up in what appears to be an effortless ability, well, IT IS A GIFT. These bloggers have a command over the English language which is truly inspiring and very enjoyable for the rest of us, and by the rest of us I mean, especially ME.
  • I’ve written posts that I like and some that I don’t. Some really scrape the bottom of the barrel! But everyone is kind and polite, none the less. Thank you.
  • I’m so impressed with the “community” of people who are in my blogging sphere. Isn’t it amazing that you can actually feel a person’s spirit come through loud and clear from just their writing? All that we have to go on here is what we expose through our words or lack of words —  isn’t it incredible that the essence of who we are starts to emerge?
  • There is an unspoken blogging etiquette. I think there is.
  • Whenever I think I have found something new and wonderful, I scroll down to “Like” it, and I’m greeted by familiar faces! Others have beaten me to the punch!
  • Blogging has been a little bit of an experiment for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect. What’s been impressed upon me most is that… People are naturally good. Our life experiences, though we think they’re so unique, are really quite similar. Feelings/emotions are universal and help us to relate to one another. (Yes, I already knew these things. What strikes me, though, is how totally apparent it becomes when you blog with people from every corner of the world.)



Lastly, I wanted to recognize two people with oodles of talent. I look forward to these blogs everyday. (No pressure, guys.) I have an award for each of them — Yes, I went shopping at the Google Blog Awards Shop and I picked up a few items. It’s just my way of saying thanks for sharing your abundant talent.

This first one is for Linda Vernon. She’s CONSISTENTLY hilarious, smart, warm and wonderful. If you look up the word ‘funny’ in the dictionary, you’ll find the name Linda Vernon. She is a gift to the blogging community. I LOVE her Blog.

The second award is for Harper Faulkner because, not only can he write beautifully, he never seems to run out of original, funny, and thought provoking material. I LOVE his blog and his kind, generous spirit.  Enjoy your awards. Feel free to share them or make up rules to go with them or just display them proudly. You deserve them!!!!