My Strange Addictions…

I thought I would use today’s post to purge the debilitating shame that I’ve been carrying around with me. You see friends, I’m an addict. You heard me, AN ADDICT. I seek relief from my day to day stresses in the world of Pinterest and I’ve been strung out “pinning” and uncovering hints, not for days, not weeks, but months. I’m caught in a shame spiral of internet intrigue. Please don’t judge me – it’s okay to hate me because I’m beautiful. What? I’m just saying, I don’t mind that… but don’t judge me on my addiction.


If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, enter at your own risk. Pinterest is a world of fanciful clothes, scrumptious foods, exotic vacation spots, and so much more.

Temptation, thy name is Pinterest. I have 33 “Boards” and 3,628 “Pins.” You do the math. (I transpose my numbers so, I literally can’t do the math.) I’m what you would call a junkie. Where else can a gal attend her wedding on a beautiful beach, dressed in a designer gown, eating decadent desserts, while the hottest guy around whisks her off to live in a castle in Scotland? — Only in the fantasy land of Pinterest. Just the other day I pinned a picture of a conservatory and the caption; “I need this conservatory.” Disturbing? Yes. Do I really NEED a conservatory? Don’t make me answer that.

Β I SEE DEAD PEOPLE is like Beanie Babies or Pokemon for me. I’ve gotta “catch ’em all.” And by, “Catch ’em all,” I mean, round up and unearth my dead relatives. (Sadly, some of my relatives actually look like Pokemon – Jigglypuff, etc.) I’m sure they appreciate all my efforts to dig into and poke around their very mortal lives. Well, someone has to make sense of the mess they left behind, so it might as well be me. I try to imagine them smiling down on me from heaven saying, “Good work Lisa!” Then again, sometimes I’m interrupted by a vision of them shaking their fist at me, scowling and screaming, “Mind your own business!” Crazy, Ancestors! I guess they forget they’re dead, and I’m not?

At the end of the day my ancestors actually cancel each other out. I’ve got them fighting on both sides of the Civil War and both sides of the Revolutionary War. I’d say that’s a wash. I’ve got Quakers, Protestants, Catholics, Mormons and Jews. I’d say that’s a wash, too. Some lines are rich and royal and some lines are poor and beleaguered. I confess, I love them all. I love every story. I’m addicted to turning those family tree leaves over and piecing the clues together — the same way I was addicted to Pine Valley and the characters on “All My Children.”

Hey, you don’t suppose there’s away to combine Pinterest with, you know, in an effort to spend less time on the computer? I could have whole new Board categories; Ancestors who changed their names and identities, Hottie Ancestors, Criminal Ancestors, etc. No? Maybe I just need to get out more…