Guest Relations and Intimidation

W H I N Y    W E D N E S D A Y

I have only one thing to complain about today but it’s something that’s bothered me for most of my adult life, so it’s significant. Maybe you’ve had this same experience.

Remember that scene from the movie Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts character, Vivienne, goes shopping on Rodeo Drive? — The one where she gets treated like garbage because the sales people determine from her appearance that she’s beneath them? I’ve seen this premise played out in other movies, as well. It’s usually a character actor that plays the role of the snooty employee — the audience laughs because it’s familiar and absurd. Right. Well, today’s post is dedicated to all those people who work at expensive stores, restaurants and hotels and who treat their “guests” like second class citizens.

Okay, I can kind of see why they treated Vivienne like garbage…

What exactly is this phenomenon? The employee of a highfalutin establishment takes on the vibe or status of the place in which they are employed. This type of employee has perfected the art of making you feel like chopped chicken liver, in other words, crap. It disturbs me greatly. Please tell me you know what I’m talking about. 

A better question might be, why do I just observe that rude behavior and say nothing? Am I actually a little afraid of these intimidators?  Do I maybe feel unworthy to be there based on their snotty glances? Do they trigger some deep rooted insecurity?

This is what I should say next time it happens….

“I find your demeanor very off-putting and would like to speak to the manager regarding your guest relations behavior.”

This is what I’d like to say…

“I’m sorry, do you own the Four Seasons or are you simply an employee of this hotel?”

“How long would you say you’ve worked at this boutique?”  OR  “Do you work on a commission basis?”  Maybe this, “Do they make you punch in when you come to work?” How ’bout, “I bet those shoes are comfortable since you stand on your feet all day?”

This is what I’d LOVE to say…

“Didn’t I see you at the Golden Corral last weekend doubling up on the corn fritters?”

“Why are you such a fugly Be-otch?” (Okay, maybe that’s something Lily in Canada would say, but it would be very satisfying.)

Feel free to share your insights and experiences with me regarding a time in which you were treated like a sub-human. If I’m the only one who’s had this experience I’ll be devastated. haha!