Movie Houses…


This post is not about old, interesting theaters and cinemas that house movies. This post is about movies that feature cool houses. I’ve been known to see movies just to marvel at the sets, namely the houses. Even if a film stinks I’ll walk out feeling satisfied because I feasted on the scenery or fell in love with the set. I am nothing if not visual.

I like to tell people that magazines like,Β Veranda and Architectural Digest are my pornography – friends and family don’t like me using that word and usually make a face that suggests a sick stomach. Let’s just say, I can turn to a page and stare at a Dutch Colonial or a shingled Cape Cod for a very long time. Is there something wrong with me? Perhaps.

The Home and Garden channel, Property Brothers, International House Hunters, etc…. It’s like manna from heaven. I guess I first got addicted with, This Old House. Something about that handy man, Norm Abrahms, and his New England accent turned me on inspired me.

Anyway, I thought I’d make a little list of my Hot Movie Houses. Personally, I think some of these houses, properties and sets, end up being actual characters in the film, they push the plot along as much as the actors do. I’ll see a movie several times if I fall in love with the house. So without further ado…

1. Garp – A magnificent beach house.Β 

2. Something’s Gotta Give – Hampton’s shingled beach house. TO DIE FOR.

3. The Big Chill – LOVE! Something about a big plantation house really excites me.

4. The Proposal – I guess I’d move to Alaska if I could live in that house?

5. Baby Boom – Cozy and quaint Vermont home.

6. The Holiday – all 3 houses (Amanda’s L.A. house, Iris’s cottage, and Graham’s house)

7. Atonement – Yeah, I realize this is a no brainer.

8. Stepmom – Love the house and property.

9. Father of the Bride – Perfect in every way.

10. The Notebook – What’s not to like? The house was made even better because Ryan Gosling was it’s inhabitant. : )

There are so many others that I didn’t list. (I realize they’re mostly just “sets”) Do you have a film that you love for it’s visual appeal, the house, the set, the location?