A Fine Line…

It occurred to me yesterday, after I posted the awards, that I somehow managed, maybe, to come across as insecure. And here’s the thing — I’m not insecure. I may struggle with finding the right word, I may second-guess myself on occasion, and I can be neurotic, but overall I think I’m okay. I think sometimes humor, in all its forms, does not always translate very well. So I thought it might be worthwhile to investigate  HUMOR – especially since I think everyone reading this is naturally funny and I’m sure has some thoughts on the topic.

Truth be told, I’m a great audience. It doesn’t take much for me to find humor in things. I love to laugh. I can be funny, but it’s usually hit and, or, miss, depending who I’m with. If I’m with people who are what I call, smart funny, I’ll rise to the occasion. It’s like playing tennis. If you play with someone good then your game improves 100%.

I’ve been blessed with a REALLY funny family. They’re what I call “brave funny” – they have no fear when charting new territory. The ability to say what people are thinking is what takes humor to the next level. Honesty mixed with total abandon is comedy. (Or, as Alan Alda says in Woody Allen’s, “Crimes and Misdemeanors,” “Comedy = tragedy plus time.”) Me, I always want to say, “Just kidding!” immediately following or, in the case of blogging, use the smiley face so there’ll be no misunderstanding.  I’m too sensitive and censoring. My family – they never even flinch, in fact, I think they find humor in humorless people.

My funny bone is all over the board. I can be neurotic, sarcastic, self-deprecating, absurd, dry, cynical, observational, ironic, etc. This may be part of my problem. No one knows what to expect from me. I imagine people reading things I’ve written and thinking, “Is she serious?” 99% of the time the answer is, NO.

Things That Don’t Make Me Laugh

  • A mean sense of humor – There’s a line and when it gets crossed it’s ugly. There are certain “comedians” that don’t make me laugh and probably never will. I don’t like a person who mocks another person’s beliefs, values, etc. In my book, this is so not funny.
  • Puns – they’re innocent enough, but a pun is never gonna illicit a big laugh from me.
  • Political humor and current events humor CAN BE FUNNY as long as it’s not MEAN SPIRITED.
  • I’m not a slapstick kind of gal.  Sure, the occasional “Jackass” segment can make me laugh, but I’m usually laughing at them laughing at themselves – not the actual stunt. Gross.
  • Lastly, if you really want to see me cringe, try out your best GOOFY CORNBALL humor. Oh Lord! Help me. I almost get mad when people are corny to the extreme. Especially when they expect me to laugh with them. UGH!