The women who rocked my world…

Recently I started thinking about the women in my life who made impressions on me during my formative years. It occurred to me that I came to know these women, not by reading some article, or hearing their story told on the news, no, my list comes from women I saw weekly, sometimes daily. Some of you might find the females on my list flimsy and insubstantial, after all, they’re not REAL people, just characters. Still, they made a deep and lasting impression on me and are indeed, responsible for the person I am today.

Let’s take a look at a small sampling, shall we?

  • The Flying Nun or Sister Bertrille, played by Sally Field, who, like the late Dick Clark, has freakishly retained her youthful appearance her entire life. For all we know this photo could be from an episode of “Brothers and Sisters?” Anyway, I learned to disregard the Laws of Physics from watching The Flying Nun. She had me believing that if I wore the right head gear in a strong wind, that I could be air lifted and able to fly as needed. She gave new meaning to the idea that with faith, a person could do anything. I still believe this – stop laughing at me.

    Laurie Partridge rockin’ the ruffled shirt.

  • Laurie Partridge, played by Susan Dey. She taught me that a girl could retain her  popularity even if she played the piano/organ like a total retard with her motley crew family. Somehow driving around in that patchwork bus never caused her to lose points at school? She also taught me that it was okay to have an eating disorder and flirt with your older brother, as long as he looked like David Cassidy. Needless to say, I wanted to be Laurie Partridge, that is, until she appeared on LA Law and destroyed my whole image of her.
  • Mary Richards, played by Mary Tyler Moore, also the name of the showI know, it’s confusing. Anyway, Mary Richards taught me that office politics and lack of boundaries could be lots of fun!! She also impressed me with her independent spirit,  hard work, and smile — basically the whole opening credit montage. The same girl that could “turn the world on with her smile” could throw her hat up in the air on a busy city street and look perfectly normal doing so. 
  •  Samantha Stevens, played by the late Elizabeth Montgomery, in “Bewitched” made a huge impression on me. She taught me that a woman could be a hottie, even a hottie witch, and marry a dud like Darin. I guess it was a cautionary tale? I admired her loyalty and commitment to her husband, even though he was a drippy mortal man. What did she really get out of that marriage? A double date with Mr. Tate and his wife? Seriously, she could have lived an unbelievable life but she chose to stand by her man. There’s something to be said for a woman who doesn’t take the easy way out. She also taught me that I have zero ability when it comes to nose twitching.
  • Lucy Ricardo, played by Lucille Ball, on “I Love Lucy” taught me that when choosing friends always go for the less attractive and you’ll always look good in comparison, not to mention you’ll always have the upper hand. Seriously. Fred and Ethel could make anyone look good. (I’m kidding! But not really.) Lucy made it okay to be a total nut job and laugh at yourself. She also made it okay to be married to a Cuban hot head with mediocre bongo playin’ talent. All kidding aside, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t LOVE LUCY. That woman was a comedic genius.
  •   Jeanie, played by Barbara Eden, on “I Dream Of Jeanie” taught me that there was no value in the Nasa space program. I’m joking!– not really. Seriously, Jeanie taught me that women’s lib was not all it was cracked up to be. Forget Helen Reddy. Anyone watching that show could see that there was no problem in being female and having a “master” as long as you could rock some silky jeanie attire and retreat into a cushy bottle – it was all good. You have to admit, she had a nice set up, right?

Who made an impression on you during your youth??