Our little Cozette…

When I started this blog on a whim I decided that I’d create a writing schedule for myself in case I ever ran out of ideas. My current “About” page is a good indication of where my head was when I first started. I had no clue what I was doing (I still don’t) and wasn’t sure if I’d  make it through one week, let alone the first day.

At around the 6th month mark I started getting lazy, missing days, then trying to catch up, hoping no one would notice. (John Phillips noticed because he was falling apart in much the same way, at the same time.) We had a good laugh.

Now, 125 posts in, the time has come to write a new “About” page, create a new writing schedule of sorts, and maybe do a little re-decorating. (I don’t believe I’ll get around to doing any of these things but it felt good to pretend for a moment.) One of my new ideas is to have a weekly animal post. That’s right, I LOVE animals and I want to give people the opportunity to share their feelings about our furry friends. They definitely make my life worth living.

Recently, I had to have our cat of 17 years, Cozette, put to sleep. (She had a tumor growing in her mouth and she had stopped eating.) Little Cozy was, without a doubt, the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen. These pictures don’t do her justice. She was a Norwegian Forest cat, so petite and feminine in every way. She was gray and white – the white looked like a big ruffled shirt – so romantic. Oh, and she had pretty green eyes! To say she was incredibly smart would be an understatement.

Lily in Canada (I’m pretty sure she won’t mind if I use this picture) with Cozy.

Living with Cozy was like living with another person, she could communicate her every need, and because she had total control over me, every need was met. This little gal had quite a life. Two acres of beautiful property to roam on, a door that let her in and out as she pleased, delicious food, the expensive stuff in every variety, and a family who adored her. Her name couldn’t have been more perfect – she was the softest, sweetest, coziest cat you could imagine. Just precious. I miss her terribly and even though it’s been several weeks since we said goodbye, I’m having a hard time writing this, still fighting back the tears.

Cozy was the last of the Mohicans. We’ve lived in this house for 15 years and have said goodbye to our other two angel cats and our beloved dog, Truman (I called him True because that’s what he was.) Big tears, lump in my throat, ouch… I miss my guys but I know I’ll see them again when I cross over. I’m pretty certain they’ll be there to greet me on the other side and that, friends, will indeed be my heaven.

What a glorious life!!!