What the heck is “Sensa” and how do I score some?

I get the feeling that something has entered into the periphery of my brain recently. I usually keep that area closed and locked down lest something ugly creep in subliminally. Does the word “Sensa” mean anything to any of you? 

I, A gripping life, am made vulnerable by carrying around extra lbs. (I prefer to write lbs. instead of POUNDS, the latter sounding much too heavy.) Anyway, there’s a commercial for a weight loss method that has entered my conscious brain and caused me to put it under consideration. Now, before you go lecturing me on how diets don’t work and giving me advice (that’s my game, remember?) please understand that I already KNOW EVERYTHING about losing weight. I can lose, gain, maintain (for a short while) with the best of them. Yes, I’m speaking of Oprah, Carnie (I always think of Carnivore, don’t you?) and Kirstie. But seriously… I just know that one of these days science will find a way to let me eat cake and cookies for dinner and never gain a pound. Come on, Science! Hurry up!! Here’s an actual photo of the inside of my brain.Here’s some more “science.”

The complex science of Sensa

S  E  N  S  A

This is all I know about Sensa. People who use it dance in the streets and seem happy. They sprinkle it on their fat food like it’s salt. They claim you can lose 30+ pounds without dieting. It’s easy as 123, effective, clinically proven, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Hmmm….. So, what’s the catch and why isn’t everyone using SENSA if it’s so great? — Just my standard questions.

Is it just me or do any of you think that this might alter the flavor, just a tad?

Something feels amiss with these claims. (Is it because that beastly woman, Patti Stanger, from Millionaire Matchmaker, is their spokes person?) Unless one of you steps forward to confirm that Sensa is indeed a diet method worth exploring, I guess I’ll go back to Zumba, crap food, and all manner of self-flagellation.