Random updates…


I wanted to let everyone know that I continue to have blogs that I follow, dropped from my notifications. I’ve had at least 9 incidents of people whose blogs I enjoy reading, completely dropped. I have re-followed and hopefully will not run into this situation again. (although, I don’t know why I think that, since it happens every few months.) Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Where did Brother Jon go?

I know nothing about how wordpress works. I think I’ve accidentally stumbled onto my stat page 2 or 3 times in 10 months. This should illustrate how little I know about wordpress.

1. Zumba Class – I’ve started telling everyone in class that I’m 61 years old so that they’ll think I look amazing for my age and marvel at my old woman energy.

2. Violet – Nope, since writing about the bond I have with my nanny a week ago, I still have not located her. (Please know I’m kidding. She’s either very old, like 100, or has died. I don’t think it would be possible to locate her even if I went door to door.)

3. The Cashier – I told her to knock it off. Just kidding! I did strike up a conversation with her, though, and subliminally gestured for her to tone it down a notch. I may have held my index finger up to my lips and said Shhh…. I don’t think she caught on. I’ll keep trying.

4. My House – No, I haven’t sold my house yet. I’m so annoyed with all of it. I think I’ll take it off the market with the first snow and put it back on in the spring. Ugh. I need a break.

5. Emoticons – I don’t know how to make a legitimate Smiley Face so if any one wants to give me a tutorial in this I’d appreciate it. My sideways one is so annoying.