“I coulda bin a contenda…”

S   L   I   D   I   N   G       D   O   O   R   S

Do you ever look back at your life and see missed moments that, had you responded differently, could have profoundly changed the course of your life?

“Reality is a sliding door.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you have a hidden talent or gift that could have been fostered, making you very successful/happy, had you pursued it? Is there still time for it?

Terry, from On the Waterfront – “I coulda had class, I coulda bin a contenda, I coulda bin somebody…” 

The character, George Bailey, from “It’s a wonderful life,” gives up his dream of world travel, big cities and the easy success that his friends are cashing in on. He doesn’t give it up so happily but when faced with major life altering decisions he chooses to live according to his gnawing moral code. He can’t let those who are near and dear to him down. He puts his heart’s desires on hold to serve others and ends up, “the richest man in town.”

CLARENCE – Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends.

I personally believe that, “all things work to the good…” I don’t choose to live my life with a bunch of regrets but I do like to take the time, occasionally, to reflect on lessons that I may need to learn. I understand that we make choices, both consciously and sub-consciously based on an old script that we’re born into. We’re nothing if not complex.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Plato

Have you ever had that recurring dream, the one when you forget that there’s going to be a test in school and you haven’t studied, maybe you haven’t even attended class? (Some version of that…) It’s an anxiety dream. Have you ever thought about what it’s hidden meaning is? I have, because I used to have it frequently. My interpretation may be a little ‘out there’ for some people but, what if this short mortal life was a test, of sorts, and that dream is an alarm going off, alerting us to things we should be doing? WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION! I sometimes ask myself, Am I failing the test? Am I living up to my potential or am I just sleep walking through life?

“This is not my beautiful life!” – Talking Heads

Lots of things to ponder or not…. 🙂