Let’s all join together to make our feelings known about this abomination of a “holiday.” It sickens me that we still, with our extensive knowledge of what happened, “celebrate” this day. Do what you can to tell people about what went down and set the record straight.

Lily In Canada

Growing up, I loved long weekends. I think most kids (and adults) do. Any reason to get off school was a good reason to me. “Oh the President was shot? Do I have to go to school?” “We’re going to war? That means I can stay home, right?

It wasn’t until my 4th year of college that I realized the school systems had been lying to us about one of our national holidays, Columbus Day. The only thing that we were taught as kids was that Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered America in 1492. That’s basically the reason for the holiday–that he discovered America. We owe our existence to him. This is a lie. Here are some snip-its from an essay that I wrote about the situation at hand:

The horrifying reality of Christopher Columbus’ legacy is rarely focused on in present day America…

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