I Pulled this up from my archives. In other words, I was feeling lazy today and took the easy way out. Enjoy!

A Gripping Life

Time Travel Tuesday

Make no mistake, babysitting is a real job, with real job hazards. One of my worst memories from my babysitting career was the dreaded drive home. Usually the parents would return home well past the time they’d indicated. If they said they’d be home at 11:30 p.m. I would count on them being home by 1:00 am.

Please understand that back in the day, we did NOT have cable TV. We had 5 channels, if we were lucky. Weekend babysitting meant that you’d be watching, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, and Bob Newhart and the news, which was way over my simple 14 year-old head. After the news, the TV went to a testing pattern. Good times. It took all my strength to stay awake.

Not to digress, but one time I became so delirious with sleep that I actually crawled into the parent’s bed. I’m talking, into the…

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