My friend, Dawn, (Tales from the motherland) has written an incredibly powerful post today. It’s written with passion and integrity. I hope you take the time to read it. Lisa


Seems a quirky thought, but not so. Day after day, I struggle with my 16 year old to get him to do his homework. In our home, education is a given. It’s never been if you go to college, but where will you go to college. We argue constantly about school: his grades, assignments due, academic expectations. I cajole and demand about getting up each morning to go to school. If he could stay home and sleep in, he would. Most days. Did you check the (math teacher’s) web page? I ask daily. “Yeah! I know!” He snarls in return. Did you read Huck Finn and take your notes? I push. “OK Mom! Geez!” He growls. Did anyone threaten to shoot you for going to school today? Are you worrying about me being beheaded for making you go? I asked today. It threw him for a loop. He looked at…

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