Haunting Movie Scenes and Images…

Don’t ask me why, but recently I started thinking about all of the movie scenes or images that have stayed with me over the years. I’m not talking about Freddy Krueger, slasher images, so don’t even go there. I’m talking about a scene that was so memorable, for it’s emotional impact, that you were never able to shake it. I’ve come up with a some that fit this description, at least for me. Do you have a scene from a movie that sticks with you, not because it’s a classic like, “Here’s looking at you kid,” but because it’s haunting in a way…

Here are some of my personal favorites.

  • The scene in A Perfect Storm where Mark Wahlberg emerges from the sinking ship, alone – the camera zooms out and we see him as a speck, bobbing around in the stormy Atlantic Ocean. 
  • Thelma and Louise – The women grab hands and drive their car over the cliff. (Just a little sidebar… Recently I found out that Susan Sarandon and I share the same DNA. I guess she’s 2% Neanderthal, too?) For my new readers, I’m referencing an older post – so this might not make sense to you. Not to worry. Much of what I write makes no sense. 
  • Platoon – The scene where Willem Dafoe is left in the jungle of VietNam. His group lifts off in a helicopter and we see him drop to his knees, both hands up, knowing his fate, knowing that Tom Berenger just left him there to die. 
  • Evelyn Waugh’s  A Handful of Dust – Tony Last (James Wilby), is found delirious by   savages in the jungles of Brazil and brought back to their village. He’s nursed back to health and then is forced to read Charles Dickens to Mr. Todd (Alec Guinness) forever, with no means of escape. 
  • Whatever Happened to Baby Jane – The scene where Jane (Bette Davis) dances around on the beach, while her sister, Blanche (Joan Crawford), lies starving and dying, wrapped in a blanket. Bette Davis is AMAZING in this. Very creepy.
  • The Shawshank Redemption – “Andy crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling foulness I can’t even imagine, or maybe I just don’t want to. Five hundred yards… that’s the length of five football fields, just shy of half a mile.” We see Andy Dufresne emerge from the tunnel and throw both hands up to the heavens while the rain comes pouring down. Talk about cleansing. Talk about a re-birth… No wonder this movie is in my top 5 of all time.  Every scene is memorable and loaded with profound truth.

Do you have a movie scene that you’ve never been able to shake?