I’m the sort of person who personifies pretty much everything. What can you say about a person who feels sorry for the one Cheerio that’s drifted away from the group? The  Cheerios on the other side of the bowl don’t even take notice, they just keep partying. I usually have to bust that party up. That’s right, sorry guys, you’re gonna get eaten first.

I used to have a collection of little glass figurine animals. They were delicate so,  naturally, they would occasionally break. When that would happen, I’d take them behind my house and bury them in an elaborate ceremony.

Maybe this insanity started with The Red Balloon – my favorite childhood movie (1956).  Pascal rescues the balloon from a street lamp and they become fast friends. The balloon follows Pascal every where, obediently waiting outside Pascal’s house, school, the bakery, etc.  The balloon is good-natured, even playing hide and go seek with his little friend. At one point the balloon even has a love interest, the blue balloon. In the end the mean boys on the playground, no doubt jealous and uncomfortable with Pascal’s happiness, destroy the Red Balloon by throwing rocks at it. I haven’t seen it in quite some time but I believe it’s at this point that all the balloons across Paris congregate, having heard about the horror on the play ground, and arrive in a large group to comfort Pascal and whisk him away from this terrible world. That’s my interpretation, at least.

Don’t even start me on The Snowman – another tear jerker. 

Now that I think about it, there are so many children’s books that involve personification. What about Corduroy? (Yes, the main character’s name was Lisa – that may have made me love the story even more.) Lisa’s mother doesn’t want to buy the stuffed bear for her daughter because he’s missing a button. I think that makes Lisa love him all the more. She saves up her money and goes back to the department store for him. In the end she sews a button on his suspenders. Lisa is my kind of gal. 

No wonder I’m having such a difficult time packing up my house and getting rid of “things” aka old friends. I take them to the Good Will hoping that someone as nutty as I am will find my treasures and love them as I have. That’s my hope.