Rambling reflections….

I hate to remove the last post, only because I like to pretend I still look like that 15 year old girl. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh well, time to move on and bid 1977 farewell. Everyone seems to be doing a special New Year’s Eve edition – something to welcome the New Year while saying good riddance to 2012.

My post, I’m afraid, will reflect the hodge-podge, jambalaya, rambling, chaos, that is my brain. That’s how I get to end my year – like an emotional mess, like the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, that’s right, I only wish I could drown in Lake Superior. It would be ย preferable to existing in this current depressed state. LOL!! One minute I’m crying and the next, I’m REALLY crying. (Okay, sometimes I laugh, thanks to all of you!)

My current mood seems to fall between these two songs.


Goodbye to…. The primaries and the elections, my lover – Mitt Romney (What? I’ll be missing his handsome face), Hurricane Sandy, The multiple shooting sprees and atrocities across our country, Dick Clark, Ignorance, The apocalypse that never came, The failing economy, Everyone’s toxic anger, Davy Jones, My 27 year marriage…Romney

Welcome 2013…. Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, Understanding, Goodness, Enlightenment, Intelligence, Laughter, Innovation, Evolution, Answers, Kindness, Beauty, Wisdom, Healing, did I say, Love? ๐Ÿ˜‰

To all of my beautiful friends here in the blogging world, I thank you from the depths of my soul for pulling me up and out of a really terrible place. I don’t think I’ve ever been that low before. I believe it was the positive messages, the encouragement and prayers that got me through. I’m grateful that I know so many wonderfully compassionate and sensitive people. If only the kindness of our little community could be spread across the globe… wouldn’t that be something?

Here’s to a BRIGHT and GLORIOUS 2013!!!!

Love to all!!!