Match Making

My daughter suggested recently, that I go online to check out some of the popular match-making sites. She thought it might be a fun thing to do, you know, something to lift my spirits. My son explained to me that it’s 2013 and this is how modern people meet each other. All this time and I thought I was gonna meet someone in the produce aisle, maybe near the periodicals at Barnes and Noble or in the line at Chipotle… Well, apparently it doesn’t work that way unless God chooses to intervene, and if He does, it’s more likely it would be at Panera. Pan in Latin means bread, and Era in Latin means time – something tells me that God would like a place where you can get bread anytime. It’s very Old Testament. ย I think He’d also really like the soup in the bread bowl idea — I know, I do. But I digress…

Who knew that would provide such great blogging fodder. I don’t know where to begin… should I tell you about the canned responses that they provide for members like, “I think you’re cute,” “Wink,” “Let’s chat,” and “Great profile,” or should I explain the types of photos people choose to display? One gentleman, and I use the term very loosely, had a full camouflage outfit on and was standing behind his truck in the woods with a dead dear hanging out of the back. Oh, and he had his rifle in hand. Apparently he didn’t notice that I was an animal lover in my profile. I’ll give him credit, though, he really had a nice way with words. He called me his, “Queen” and told me, “You do not belong here it belongs to we ugly men.” If that wasn’t enough to sweep me off my feet, he added, “Just give this a try andย you will never regret knowing me as your man it is a promise you have to hold on to do you get me pretty?” I think that last line sealed the deal. So what if he doesn’t punctuate and he looks like a member of ZZ Top? For a girl who’s been feeding off of crumbs for a long time, this guy is an all-you-can-eat banquet! (…something along the lines of Golden Corral or Old Country Buffet, I’m thinking.)

All kidding aside, to be honest, going on this site makes me very sad and depressed. Not even for myself, but for all those lonely hearts out there. It really does make me consider how many people are alone and desperate for companionship. Now when I’m out and about I try toย see if I can spot them. I guess we look like anyone else, except there’s a ‘vacated’ sign hanging on our hearts. Life is just not the same without a person to share your deepest thoughts and desires with, someone who understands you and loves you.

If you have someone to share your life with, be very thankful — even if he smells, gets on your nerves, and snores. Don’t ever take that blessing for granted.