I’m being lazy today. This is an older post that I thought some of you might enjoy. It seems that many of you have posted recipes lately so I thought it would be helpful to post some great cooking tips and tricks. You can thank me later.

A Gripping Life

I wasn’t sure what I would write about today but when my 21-year-old son managed to burn some chicken fingers in the toaster oven 10 minutes ago, my inspiration was born.

I’m not a great cook, so obviously I’m not a great chef, either. What’s the difference between the two? Without going to google, I’m gonna take a stab at this. A COOK is anyone who can prepare a decent hot meal without destroying the food or the surrounding area. A CHEF is someone who has gone to cooking school, knows all the terminology, speaks enough French not to be embarrassed when ordering food, and uses ingredients I’ve never heard of. Now that you understand the difference between what a cook is and what a chef is, we can continue.

I like Ina Garten because her cooking doesn’t intimidate me, and the name of her book is, “How Easy Is…

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