Emotional Safety

Therapeutic Thursday 

This is a last minute offering. Just some things to think about. No need to comment if you don’t feel like it.

What is emotional safety? 

When we feel emotionally safe we feel free to be our authentic self without fear of judgment. We are emotionally safe when we feel loved without condition.

What are some things people fear emotionally?

Those of us who grew up in dysfunction and closed family systems often fear…



Ridicule and put downs

The feeling of not being good enough

Unspoken and covert rules




Other people’s expectations

Making mistakes or having accidents (no forgiveness)



Aggressive behavior

Unpredictable or unstable behavior

Unhealthy / inappropriate boundaries (a feeling that your self does not belong to you)

Emotional safety includes…

Freedom to be your authentic self without judgment

Freedom to express your real feelings without consequence

Freedom to set your boundaries – to say “no thanks”

Freedom to change your mind

Freedom to practice self-care

Freedom to make mistakes and be forgiven

Receiving and giving unconditional love

Total acceptance, understanding, compassion, and sensitivity

Ask yourself,

Do I provide emotional safety in my relationships? Who do I feel emotionally safe with?