Welcome to Toxic Tuesday!

I’ve decided, since the weather is so bitter, to coordinate my mood and be bitter, too!! Until spring arrives I plan to use Toxic Tuesdays to release what I’m currently feeling. I’m processing a lot of psychological junk, here. Forgive me, kind readers, while I indulge in this feel-good purge. You may choose to comment or not. Some of this may not be to your liking, you might think it’s a downer or too heavy. For me, it will be like cleaning out the basement of my soul. You may want to look away. I’m putting on the rubber gloves, I’ve got my industrial chemicals in hand, mops and brooms at the ready.

Friends, I’m going in.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. I’m actually just going to paste some quotes – let other people do the talking for me. destroyed by truthwe are what we believe we arecowardliars