Another loss…

**WARNING – DO NOT READ THIS POST IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE LAST EPISODE OF SEASON THREE OF DOWNTON ABBEY!!!** (But, if you’ve already read the title and seen the picture of Matthew Crawley’s face, I’m guessing you’ve put two and two together, in which case, I’m terribly sorry. )

As if I wasn’t low enough, now I have to live through yet another loss. I could barely sleep last night, tossing and turning and dreaming of my TV husband, and lover, Matthew Crawley. Am I the only one who cherished each romantic thought he whispered, or swooned with each of his gazes from across the room? I doubt it. And didn’t he look dashing last night in his hunting regalia? (I’m very much opposed to hunting so I had to pretend he was shooting skeet, whatever that is.) Later that night at the dance he was so concerned and watchful over his expecting wife. Such love and devotion…Β Matthew Crawley1

Julian Fellowes, what were you thinking when you decided to take away the one person who was starting to mean the world to me? How could you give me such a happy heart only to destroy it in an unexpected twist of devastating fate? If you had to kill off someone, why not his mother or that old fool, Carson? But no, you had to target my crush. I actually groaned when I saw the first moment of juxtaposing – the switch from new mother Mary, to my Matthew, happily driving in his convertible. You can’t fool me – I know my cinematic tricks, I knew what was coming — back to Mary, and then the horror. WHY, OH WHY? Don’t even start me on that poor sweet baby! Matthew Crawley would have been a wonderful father, we all know it.

I will say this, Thomas, who’s always been easy on the eyes (No, not Irish Thomas! The Β young Alec Baldwin Thomas…) is becoming quite the good guy. (Even O’Brien has won me over of late.) We all know that if I throw my affections in that direction, though, they will go absolutely no where — that love would never come to fruition. So, what’s a girl to do? I guess I’ll have to wait until Mr. Fellowes finds a decent replacement for my Matthew. He’d better be devilishly handsome and breathtakingly romantic or I’ll stop watching!! (…I won’t really, I need to see what’ll happen to Edith… Just kidding! Does anyone really care about that story line?)