A letter to Cat Stevens…


Dear Cat,

I “Can’t Keep It In.” I must confess, that after all these years I’m still in love with you. “How can I tell you that I love you?” I guess I’ll post about it, and let the world know, this “Wild World,” that you tried to warn me about. All it takes to re-ignite my passion is a quick trip to youtube and moments later, I’m feeling like a school girl. This letter is long over-due and should’ve been written when I was, “Oh, Very Young.” I just wanted to thank you for writing so many songs for me, Wild World, Two Fine People (obviously about the two of us), Hear Comes My Baby, Bitterblue, Changes IV, Sad Lisa (although slightly depressing) and Angelsea, which was obviouslyΒ written specifically for me – once people hear the lyrics I’m pretty sure they’ll know it’s about moi. I know you go by another name now, but since Β I’m a “Hard Headed Woman” and slow to change, I’ll keep “Sitting” here, thinking of you as my Cat Stevens, if that’s okay?

My undying 1970’s love,

Lisa xoxo